Leader of the Scorching Hand


A large wide brimmed burgundy hat shields her dour but delicate face. She wears an oversized pendant of a black and white mask around her neck and often scours through a voluminous tomb of notes, spells, and history. Hyrexia rarely deals in pleasantries or small talk and is thoroughly dedicated to the task at hand. She is a knowledgeable and determined leader but her conviction to her beliefs and at-all costs attitude can sometimes cause her allies to second guess their involvement.


The PC’s confronted Hyrexia when they met her and the other Scorching Hands outside of the House Pentheru. Hyrexia and her band had swooped in after the PCs left and stolen the Glass Key that was needed to enter the Sanctum of the Erudite eye. After being held at swordpoint, Hyrexia agreed to part with the Glass Key as long as she and her group were allowed to enter. She casts dispersions on Sebti’s motivations for the lottery and warned the PCs not to trust her.

Hyrexia told the PCs about the Mummy’s Mask located in the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye, and said she had studied the history of the Mask and tracked it to this location. She said she came from a city called Lastwall which was devasted by hordes of undead and hoped to use the Mask to control and combat the neverending tide.


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