Hawlas Zhaamas

Tobacco Dealer


Plump and porcine, Hawlas is often dressed in fine clothes and fine jewelry. Exotic aromas follow him everywhere, as do a cadre of Wati’s more free-spirited young women. He is known for his lavish parties and free spending. He travels via a golden carriage that is hard to miss. When not at social events he can be found in his shop “Mirage.”


Hawlas made contact with the PCs in an attempt to try and fix the lottery so that they would be selected.

He had hired the group to retrieve a rare plant from Ankhentepi’s tomb, one that he believed the general had given his troops to instill courage in battle.

A mid level power broker in the streets of Wati’s, Hawlas’s stock has risen due to the increased interest in his new product as well as his involvement in revealing the truth about Melem-Kish’s legacy. When the PC’s brought back proof that the famed lieutenant’s story was untrue, Hawlas disseminated this info through his tobacco wrappers. Word spread quickly through Wati.

Hawlas Zhaamas

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