Wizard of the Scorching Hand


A Kelishite man in his early 20’s, Azaz possess a relaxed smile and friendly disposition. He often brushes his mop of unkempt black hair from his eyes before speaking or casting a spell.


Azaz was rescued by the PCs while exploring the Necropolis. He had become separated from his group and been attacked by a roaming pack of giant ants.

The lowest on the totem pole in the Scorching Hands, Azaz accepts his status in the group in exchange for exploring the Necropolis and learning the role of Nethys in ancient times.

His father was a necromancer and was captured and killed for his macabre and reckless studies when Azaz was still a child.

Azaz sprung a poison trap during the exploration of the Sanctum of the Erudite eye. His condition worsened throughout the adventure.


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